Relax at Roc Meler Spa

A world dedicated to well-being: relax and wellness all in one place

We have services and facilities created to achieve the general wellbeing of the people. That our guests avoid tensions and get disconnected body and mind from the daily routine, is a priority for us.

A place where you can take care of yourself

· 500m2 de spa
· Sauna Hammam 
· Jacuzzi
· Contrast Shower 

· Massage Cabins
· Costumes Massage
· Beauty Treatments
· Manual Therapies
· Physiotherapy
· Rehabilitation
· Chiromassage 

· Children under 16 years old 11:00hs to 14:00hs and 16:00 to19:00.

*  Mandatory use of hat and flip flops.

Our treatments

Specific Massages

Specific Massages

Faced with the growing therapeutic tourism and global well-being, Hotel Roc Meler is a pioneer in offering exclusive therapeutic services based on traditional Chinese medicine.


  • Stretching for athletes
  • Decontracting massage
  • Back pain
  • Low-back pain
  • Sciatic pain
  • Tired legs
  • Fluid retention and improve circulation of blood
  • Pregnant
  • Ankle sprain
  • Feet pain
  • Muscle relaxation


25 MINUTES - € 45
50 MINUTES - € 80

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Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Body Citrus Vit C + Scrub 50 ́                                                             80€

Gives the skin an ultra soft texture thanks to the action of exclusive orange peel micro-particles. Vitamin C revives your senses while stimulating collagen production. Finishing with a massage, the skin looks satiny, silky and luminous.


Delicius Cherry  50´                                                                       80€

Sublime therapy that begins with a delicious exfoliating massage, to continue with the application of cherry wrapping and exclusive massage manoeuvres with cherry oil. It offers a divine delight to the senses that is difficult to forget.


Romantic Duo  50’                                                                          120€

Massage with hot oils, to share a unique experience with your partner and undertake a journey for their senses. Includes glass of cava.


Geothermal 50’                                                                                 80€

An ancient technique that uses the energy of Mother Earth. Through the thermal action generated by the stones, tensions are released, thus facilitating the flow of vital energy and body-mind balance.


Tibet Treatment  50’                                                                       90€

With Tibet your skin becomes increasingly soft and velvety: The body is invaded by a wonderful feeling of lightness and deep relaxation, as in the best oriental discipline that combines patience in gestures with the strength of results: Mysterious, powerful and profound synergy.


Synergy Roc Meler 90´                                               100€    dúo 170€

It is a Majestic Ritual Relaxing that will leave you totally revitalised, thanks to our unique combination, fuses pleasant massage techniques with our wonderful pindas, facial skull massage and Foot Reflexology. Producing a delight from head to toe.

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Manual Therapies

Manual Therapies

Relaxing Massage        30’  50’                                         40€  70€

It produces a great sedative effect, effectively fighting stress. His combination with essential oils is ideal for a pleasant experience.


Sports Masage / Descontracturant        30’ 50’                45€  80€

An intense and deep massage that helps to maintain an optimal state by preventing and treating injuries and discomfort.


Lymphatic Drainage         30’ 50’                                       40€  70€

It is a very gentle technique that benefits the general state of health, releases toxins, stimulates the immune system, and has a very sedative effect.


Podal Reflexology     30’ 50’                                            40€  70€

Technique based on reflex points of the organs by means of a pleasant massage.

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Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments

Deep Cleasing  50´                                                                       90€

Deep cleaning with vaporisation and extraction. Detoxifying and illuminating treatment to stimulate regeneration, tighten pores and improve skin elasticity.


Lifting Flash Extreme 45´                                                          75€

Facial skin reflects accumulated fatigue and this non-invasive treatment provides an immediate desired result. Ideal for devitalised skin.


Moisturizing  Face     45´                                                          75€

Facial hydration is essential to maintain elasticity. This protects our skin from external aggressions and dehydration.

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